Smart Contract on the TRON Blockchain
A 100% decentralized crowdsharing platform that offers users the ability to create passive income by sharing Tron cryptocurrency.
x3 and x4 Platforms
Your x3 platform represents the contributions from members you invited. x4 platform represents contributions from members of your team. There are 15 Slots for each platform that will recycle continuously for unlimited passive income.
xGold Platform
Your xGold platform has 15 Slots with 4 levels and can receive 20% ,30%, and 50% contributions from the Forsage community with 2 recycle positions for each of Slots.
Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet has a full security system that gives you complete control to send, receive, and store your Crypto-assets with your own personal private key. The safest way to buy TRON with a Credit or Debit card and send them to your TRONLInk account.
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After entering the invitation code: "0VE4", to receive the 300 points reward. TRONlink will be your access to your Forsage account.
Register For Forsage
The Forsage smart contract is nothing more than a payment gateway that facilitates peer-to-peer commission payments between its participants.
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Forsage TRON Platform Profit Breakdown
xGold Spillover
xGold generates community spillover with a 10x potential for unlimited recycling passive Income.
xGold Launched October 13, 2020.
Strategy For Success
A simple and effective marketing plan for inviting new members and creating a team.
Referral Video
$2997 worth of Free Bonuses
Benefits Include: * Private Team Rotator * Team Telegram Channel * Massive Sales Spillover *Elite Training Membership * Done For You Marketing Funnel
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Our group uses the Forsage Smart Contract platform and more to create passive income. Join us for FAQ and support.
All data is stored on the blockchain in the public domain and can be verified! Contract address: 0x5acc84a3e955Bdd76467d3348077d003f00fFB97
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